This is mc-api.net, a collection of Minecraft related APIs.


Our APIs are simple to use, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Find the API you want to use
  2. Send your request (Show me an example!)
  3. We highly recommend caching the response.

What APIs are available?

Function Description Documentation Response Types
Server Info Get information about a server /docs/ping JSON or CSV (Plain Text)
Server Favicon Get the favicon of a server /docs/favicon PNG
Is server blacklisted? Check if a server is blacklisted. /docs/blacklisted JSON or CSV (Plain Text)
Server Status (as HTTP status) Get the status of a server /docs/status-http CSV (Plain Text)

If an endpoint supports JSON, then that will be the default response type unless stated otherwise. To get a CSV (Plain Text) response append your request with /csv